CPD and RME Accredited E-Learning Courses

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The entire VinciWorks Training Suite is accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong:

Course NameCPDRMEPrice Buy te
 Full Suite2513 HK$11,800
1 Anti-Money Laundering Hong Kong Fee Earner Course 22 HK$800
36 Anti-Money Laundering: A Practical Overview for Hong Kong 11 HK$500
2 Anti-Money Laundering Global Course 11 HK$500
3 Anti-Money Laundering Hong Kong Refresher Course 11 HK$500
34 Anti-Money Laundering Hong Kong Support Staff Course 00 HK$350
40 AML 360 for Hong Kong 0.50.5 HK$350
41 Anti-Bribery: A Practical Overview 0.50.5 HK$350
4 Anti-Bribery and Corruption International Course 11 HK$500
38 The New Companies Ordinance: Structure and Key Objectives 10 HK$450
39 Information Security: A Practical Overview 0.50.5 HK$350
7 Information Security: Background and Best Practice 11 HK$500
23 Data Protection Hong Kong Course 11 HK$500
24 Equality and Diversity Hong Kong 0.50.5 HK$350
5 Risk Management: Hong Kong 22 HK$800
6 Risk Management: Email@Risk HK 11 HK$500
8 Drafting: Clear Language for Legal Documents HK 10 HK$450
9 Drafting: Structure of Legal Documents HK 10 HK$450
10 Financial Statements: Basics HK 1.50 HK$550
11 Financial Statements: Financial Performance HK 10 HK$450
12 Financial Statements: Liquidity and Solvency HK 1.50 HK$550
13 Joint Ventures: The What Why and How of Co-operative Endeavours HK 20 HK$700
14 Valuation Process: Introduction HK 10 HK$450
15 Valuation Process: Articles of Association and Agreements HK 10 HK$450
16 Valuation Process: Special Issues HK 10 HK$450
Course Sample: Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Course Sample: Anti-Money Laundering